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Welcome to North Point Income Ltd

NPI is a professional team of accountants dedicated to the provision of high quality financial services tailor made for locum doctors. If you are a locum doctor in the UK, you could be keeping hold of much more of your earnings by working through a Limited or Umbrella Company. We provides tax efficient service designed to target and help UK locum doctors maximise their 'take home' pay. We will alleviate the burden of administration and tax that comes with contracting locum work allowing you to get on with what you do best, safe in the knowledge that every tax minimisation opportunity will be utilised to your advantage.

With thousands of Locum Doctors on our database, we support business solutions both inside and outside IR35 and conform to MSC 2007 Budget legislation. We have the right option for you whether you want a managed payroll solution or support in setting up and running your own Limited Company.

Specialising in only locum doctors, we understand the mechanics of locum work, supplying our clients with highest standards of service at a low fee. More than 85% of our doctors have joined as a result of introductions from friends or colleagues, because our unparalleled service is unmatched in the locum industry.